1930's The Story Begins

It all started in the late 1930's when Frank Preston was working as a chauffeur in New York City for Arthur Judson. Mr. Judson owned a camp in Temagami Ontario named "Camp White Bear".

Pioneer Handcraft History
Frank first making furniture at Temagami

While working in Temagami for Mr. Judson Frank met a Rabbi who also happened to be from New York City. This Rabbi asked him to design and build a log cottage on Crown land he had just acquired on Lake Temagami. Upon the completion of the cottage the owner asked Frank if he would like to make the furniture too. This marked the beginning of what would become Pioneer Handcraft and the creation of the first Pioneer Handcraft pieces. We still make those original pieces and we still make them one at a time.

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Pioneer Handcraft History
Pioneer Handcraft History
Frank’s Design Models


The 1930's

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