Log Wall Mount Lamp

Lamp shade material options
white burlapbrown burlap
White BurlapNatural Burlap

Options: custom finishes and stains including a natural linseed oil finish.

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Every cottage we've been to has a bed or a place where you want to read but there's no table to put a lamp on. We designed this lamp so that you can read in bed, the upper bunk, or anywhere you have a wall! With an on/off socket and a shade that swivels so you can get the most light where you need, it is a very practical lamp. They used to be called "pin ups" and we still make them......just better. The log version above is made from two hand-hewn pieces of log and finished with our own antique stain to highlight the beauty of the wood and it's grain.

Log Construction Wall Mount lamp priced from $395-