Original Divan Lounge

Divan with one arm 77"w x 33"d
Divan with two arms 81"w x 33"d

Options: slope back with three loose cushions, custom widths and depths, down filled back cushions (sloped back version only), thousands of fabric choices in our showrooms, and many stains and finishes available including a natural linseed oil finish.

View in Log Construction

One of our popular pieces of furniture from the 1940's to the 1970's, we hadn't made this for about 30 years until 2003 when someone asked for a couch that would be great to snooze on. This was the re-birth of the Divan lounge. We have one in our own cottage and family room at home, it is the favoured place to catch a nap or take in the view. Not only is it a very comfortable couch, this piece also provides an extra sleeping spot for an overnight guest. Available with two arms, one arm or no arms and of course the very popular and extra comfortable slope-back option. (see log construction divan for photos)

Original Divan Lounge pricing from $3675-