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Repairs and Refinishing

At Pioneer Handcraft we take pride in building the finest cottage furnishings available. As makers of furniture that is passed on for generations, our customers have asked us to apply our expertise and skill to the restoration of other family treasures. Below are a few examples of these projects.

Pioneer Handcraft Repairs
Example of an antique wicker chair in the process of restoration. Repairs can vary from tightening of joints to major replacement of sections of wicker, seat frames and supports, cushions and painting.
Pioneer Handcraft Repairs
The completed restoration
of an antique sideboard. It found
a new place in the family cottage.
Pioneer Handcraft Repairs
New upholstery, additional down,
cleaning, leg refinishing,
modifications, new skirt, etc.
  Pioneer Handcraft Repairs
Pictured above is a family
heirloom that had been
mistreated and damaged.
After its restoration it
found a new place in
the family home.